Serves approx. 2-4

Perfect for corporate gifts, thank you's, birthdays  new babies etc. .

- A variety of cured meats (standard), cheeses, antipasto vegetables, crackers, nuts & dip


Serves approx. 6-8

A variety of cured meats (standard), cheeses, antipasto vegetables, fresh fruit, crackers, nuts and dips. Includes seperate box of handmade crackers. 


Serves approx. 12-15

Double as above in one large indulgent box. Includes seperate box of handmade crackers


Serves approx. 10-15 

Includes local cheeses, fruits, premium chocolates, desserts, dips, crackers & nuts.   Add cured meats for an extra $10.


Serves approx. 8-10 includes brunch options such as smashed avo & handmade crackers, fruit, cheddar cheese, leg ham, sourdough  crostini, sweet freshly made petite muffins (sweet & savoury), granola pots & bacon & pesto fritatta (subject to change, sample menu only)

$19.50 each

minimum order 6

Individual lunch boxes including ancient grain salad, poached chicken baguette, fresh berries & flourless brownie


8 whole wraps cut in half includes gourmet salads, cured meats, poached chicken, egg salad & homemade condiments 


Serves approx. 10

Seasonal mixed raw vegetables with 2x healthy dips including beetroot yoghurt & hummus 


Serves approx. 8-10

Seasonal mixed sushi